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Hey Friends! 

Marine Day also known as Ocean or Sea Day, is a Japanese National Holiday that is celebrated on the third Monday of July (Tomorrow!) The  holiday is to celebrate and give thanks to the ocean’s bounty and to consider the importance of the ocean to Japan as an island nation. 

Since water Pokemon are my favourite I thought it would be fun to celebrate by giving out a few (generated!!) shiny water Pokemon as well as some shiny Pikachu!

Just like the rest of my generated Pokemon give aways, all of the Pokemon here will have:

  • The OT: PkdxHC
  • The ID No: 34435 
  • Originated in the Unova region!

There will be 4 winners- Each of which will receive one of the shiny sets above as well as a shiny Pikachu. First prize winner chooses first, second winner chooses next and so on.


  1. This is for my followers- Therefore, you must be following me!
  2. Reblogs and likes count. You can reblog as much as you like- But please don’t spam your followers.
  3. No give away blogs- I will be checking!
  4. Once messaged, you must answer back within 48 hours or I will pick another winner.
  5. You must have a copy of X or Y and be able to give me your friend code! 

Give Aways ends August 10th 2014 at 11:59 PM EDT!


~Pokeball Vivillon~
We have a legit event Pokeball Viv looking for a good home!
To enter: Reblog, and the winner is chosen at random after a week or so. :) The entry fee is to go put something cool in Wonder Trade.
Please, I do ask that everyone who enters goes and puts something great in Wonder Trade. Something that will make some random person smile! Whether it’s a hard to get Pokemon, or a great item, or something, please try. The whole point of this is to brighten up the community, so go make someone’s day! (Not sure what a good Pokemon is? See the FAQ on the page.) Winner must respond within a few days and collect no later than a week after, or it gets released into wonder trade!

Good luck everyone, and happy Wonder Trading!

foootrest asked:

Hey Minty, do you have any hope for EG's LoL team the rest of this Summer Split? They just cant seem to get in the groove :c

I have my fingers crossed. They seem to be a bit stuck in the mid/late game and caught during rotations. They need to play more as a team and communicate a bit better, but I think that will come the more they play as a together. They’ve had a lot of changes and its been a rough year for them, but the past few games they have looked quite strong. Its just pushing it though to make it a win :) Whatever happens, EG will always be the team I support because Snoopeh and Krepo’s streams taught me a lot and it made me want to be better at the game :)

lartin asked:

i was wondering if you've played Braum at all and if yes what do you think is a good core build on him, if you haven't i'd suggest giving him a go as he's a terrific support in my opinion

I haven’t tried Braum yet where he’s still quite highly contested! I’ll have to give him a go in a bot game to get to grips with his abilties but he looks awesome! :D


So, I was lucky and was sent a Porygon in a Wonder Trade and I’d love to send out some Porygons to people who’d want one :) I’m currently breeding a bunch and going to send some back out into the world, but wondered if anyone would be interested in having one? I’ll soon have a box so first come first served :)

I have no idea what sort of IV’s they have. The Ditto its been bred I was told has two Max IV’s but I’m not sure which. All have Timid nature, and Trace ability. Two so far have the Download ability :) Still got some to hatch as you can see! :D

If you’d like one be sure to message me your friend code and in game name! :D



Hello! And welcome to Hobbitcat Productions. */Lewis Brindley impression*

Happy Moonday, everyone. ^_^ I hope y’all had a good weekend. Much like my T7G senshi, these are both Sailor OCs and fanart. ‘Why’, you ask? Because they are Sailor versions of the ladies of Yogscast. For this set, I was inspired particularly by their Minecraft skins. So, in order, we have:

  • Sailor KaeyiDream and Pascal
  • Sailor Lomadia
  • Sailor MintyMinute
  • Sailor Nanosounds and Mother (yes, she is a Flux cat)
  • Sailor Zoeya and Mewshroom

Pascal, Mother, and Mewshroom all underwent various tinkering in Paint. Pascal was probably the hardest to do and I apologize profusely if I’ve messed up on her markings. Overall, I’m happy with how this set turned out.

ETA: Before anyone asks/yells at me, yes, I’m aware that I left out Nina-Serena. This was not done out of any disrespect to her, but rather out of the fact that I have no idea if she has a Minecraft skin or not. O.o I’ve never seen one, nor is it mentioned on the Yogscast Wiki. If anyone has such information for me, Sailor Uni will definitely happen.

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