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Anonymous asked:

Hey Minty! I was just curious to know what are some of your favorite video games are? :D

It would probably be League, Don’t Starve and Awesomenauts at the top of the list, being that I’ve played them all an awful lot! Magicka actually was a lot of fun with friends too :) a bit of a random assortment really :P


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About this piece
This big drawing is a mash-up between Lord of the Rings and the Yogscast. I’ve wanted to make something big for a long time, so I combined two things I love and secretly added some easter eggs. This was a massive project. The original file has the size and resolution of an A3 poster. (I’ve reduced the size so it would load properly and actually be viewable for you guys.) It took me about a month to do my research and draw the thing, but I loved every moment of it and I’m very happy with the result. :D

Character list
Trottimus: Gollum
Sjin: Merry
Sips: Pippin
Nilesy: Frodo
Zylus: Sam
Lewis: Elrond
Strippin: Aragorn
Turpster: Boromir
Kim: Arwen
Hannah: Galadriel
Duncan: Gandalf
Simon: Gimli
Martyn: Legolas
DaveChaos: Erkenbrand
Zoeya: Éowyn
Rythian: Éomer
Djh3max: Mablung
Sparkles: Faramir
Parv: Damrod
Panda: an oliphaunt
Ridgedog: Thranduil
Alsmiffy: King of the dead

I chose the characters based on personality, looks and/or skills. It was incredibly difficult to make this selection. In case you’re a member of the Yogscast who’s not included or a fan of someone who’s not in the drawing, please don’t feel offended. I tried to include as many people as possible and it was never my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.


Anonymous asked:

How many YogSlash fanfics have you read? If you haven't read any, read one, and blog your reaction please!

I haven’t read any :) I try to stick to the main tags :P 

ledrang asked:

Hey Minty just wanted to say hope your day's been fun and Hannah says you don't like horror games how come? (i don't either first and last i played was Resi evil on the Playstation 1, was like 10 or 11)

I’ve never been a fan of horror :P I’ve seen a few horror films, but they usually play on my mind for about a week so I try to avoid them :P

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