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deandec asked:

Are you going to try and get into gold on league this year before the end of the season?

I was going to try, but with everything I wanted to achieve in WoW before the pre-patch, I don’t think its quite possible to do anymore! Shame as the skin looks amazing! There’s always next season :D 


Anonymous asked:

Your not actually part of the Yogscast.

I’ve been apart of Yogscast for I believe just over 2 years now. There are an awful lot of behind the scenes people that help keep things ticking. If working in YogTowers doesn’t count, then I don’t know what does :)

icarus-knight asked:

First of all I just wanted to say that all the behind the scenes and management stuff you do is really amazing :D But, what WoW class do you play?

Aww thank you :) <3 I play a Destruction Warlock :D Its really fun! Took a while to get used to my rotation and I don’t always get it right, but the class as a whole I think is great! The minions I can summon helped with levelling and made tough fights a lot easier :)

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